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A + H Klima- und Systemtechnik GmbH

Environmental Simulation - HVAC
Test Bench Cabins - Acoustic Booths
Measuring Rooms – Wind Noise Test Benches


Test benches of any kind, in serial production or RD&E, must be protected against environmental influences such as dirt, noise, heat, cold, humidity or just unauthorised access. Frequently, the test benches pose a direct danger, so that adjacent areas and workplaces must be secured against the test bench.

A+H Klima- und Systemtechnik GmbH is one of the globally leading specialists for test bench enclosure. We offer not only the corresponding cabins, but also implement any required peripheral systems on request:
Environmental simulation systems, refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems, water preparation, conditioning systems, automatic gate and equipment systems, crane and loading devices, switching and control systems and many others are planned and performed by our experienced employees.
For our customers, this has the benefit that the elaborate coordination of any individual crafts with many different providers and their subcontractors is no longer required. We will give you ONE point of contact who will be there for you from project planning to successful final acceptance of our delivery scope, day and - if necessary - night.

Many installed test bench cabins, thermal and sound protection cabins, test and inspection rooms around the world document our experience in this area.

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