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A + H Klima- und Systemtechnik GmbH

Environmental Simulation - HVAC
Test Bench Cabins - Acoustic Booths
Measuring Rooms – Wind Noise Test Benches


Exhaust systems overpressure ventilation and extract systems are part of our range as well as refrigeration systems for industrial applications, venting systems for coolant filling stations, RLT systems, system rooms, production air conditioning systems, fire protection solutions for air tunnels and ventilation technology (e.g. fire protection flaps, smoke warning systems and smoke extraction systems), cold water sets, air conditioning systems for canes, operator cabins and control centres, air conditioning for EDP rooms and computing centres, extraction devices for labs, office rooms, doctor's practices, VRV/VRF systems and split air conditioning systems, disassembly and environmentally compatible disposal of old devices, etc.

We always ensure good climate, of course under compliance with the currently applicable statutory provisions, standards and technical rules.

Contact us. On request, we will make an appointment for an on-site visit at your company soon and free of charge for you.

Heat pumps

-> Funding: heat pump and air-guided heat pump

Alternative heating systems, which work independently of imported raw materials, have been giving us the opportunity to transport heat sustainably and efficiently into our apartments and houses for years. By refrigeration !