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A + H Klima- und Systemtechnik GmbH

Environmental Simulation - HVAC
Test Bench Cabins - Acoustic Booths
Measuring Rooms – Wind Noise Test Benches


A + H Klima- und Systemtechnik GmbH

Parallelstrasse 38
D-66113 Saarbrücken, Germany

Phone +49 681 9 91 82-0
Fax +49 681 9 91 82-20

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A+H Klima- und Systemtechnik GmbH is one of the globally leading specialists for planning, production and installation of air-conditioned measuring room cabins or halls for industrial or research-based measuring technology, test bench air conditioning, air conditioning of industrial systems, test chambers and server rooms or farms, for explosion-protected sending cabins, overpressure and vacuum ventilation, environmental simulation systems, wind noise test benches and special systems around refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation technology.

We offer turn-key solutions for your special application. The required peripheral systems can also be implemented by us on request - i.e. refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems, water preparation, conditioning systems, room systems, sound protection, automatic gate and equipment systems, crane and loading devices, switching and control systems and many others are planned and performed by our experienced employees.

We are open to innovative tasks and place value on high-quality processing with energetically sensible use of resources for performance of all projects.

We guarantee regional stand-by service to our customers on site within one hour, cross-regionally (across the country), within 12 h and around the world within 48 h on 365 days per year.

Detailed information on our range can be found in the menu item "Products".


  • Umweltsimulation

    Environmental Simulation

    Components, functional units and complex systems often must resist extreme climate conditions at the global sites of use reliably and permanently today.

  • Messraum

    Measuring Rooms and measuring booth

    Air-conditioned measuring rooms or measuring halls purs. to VDI/VDE 2627 for high-precision measuring machines are indispensable for the review of production tolerances at workpieces for quality assurance.

  • Windgeruschprfstand

    Wind Noise Test Benches

    MitWith the wind noise test branches/blowing nozzle test benches developed and patented by us, inner sounds in the vehicle are localised.

  • Kaelte


    Exhaust systems overpressure ventilation and extract systems are part of our range as well as refrigeration systems for industrial applications, venting systems for coolant filling stations and much more.

  • Prfstand

    Test Bench Cabins

    Test benches of any kind, in serial production or RD&E, must be protected against environmental influences such as dirt, noise, heat, cold, humidity or just unauthorised access.

  • Schleifkabinen

    Sanding Cabins

    Sanding cabins are used for sanding work at the solder and welding points of the raw body shells. The resulting sanding dust contains hazardous substances such as zinc, chrome and nickel and is alveoli-passing.

  • Sonder

    Custom-made HVAC systems

    Special applications or manufacturing procedures usually require matching air conditioning, ventilation or refrigeration.

  • Kaelte

    Service and Maintenance

    To ensure smooth operation of your refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation system - especially in the hot summer months - we offer a comprehensive maintenance and service range.

Detailed information about our portfolio can be found under the menu item: "Products".