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A + H Klima- und Systemtechnik GmbH

Environmental Simulation - HVAC
Test Bench Cabins - Acoustic Booths
Measuring Rooms – Wind Noise Test Benches


Air-conditioned measuring rooms or measuring halls purs. to VDI/VDE 2627 for high-precision measuring machines are indispensable for the review of production tolerances at workpieces for quality assurance.

Fine and high-precision measuring rooms, measuring cabins and measuring halls are produced in our manufacture according to your specifications, so that we can implement special sizes and individually consider your colour and construction wishes as well.

Adjustment of air conditioning to customer-specific production cycles and production frequencies, according to the required measuring room quality class and the specific time and spatial temperature gradient is a matter of course to us. Not only the function but particularly also user compatibility are at the focus there.

We will gladly also consult you regarding integration of a corresponding air conditioning into your infrastructure, no matter if as a new construction or integration into a present system.

We also implement turn-key solutions for your special application. The required crafts around the measuring system can be implemented turn-key by us on request - i.e. measuring room, refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems, water preparation for the humidifier, room systems, sound protection, automatic gate and equipment systems, crane and loading devices, devices for equipment with the hall crane, switching and control systems, monitoring facilities, special solutions and many others are planned, executed and handed over ready for use by our experienced employees.

Proof of the promised climate conditions is ensured at commissioning with dedicated measuring equipment and is part of the acceptance.