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A + H Klima- und Systemtechnik GmbH

Environmental Simulation - HVAC
Test Bench Cabins - Acoustic Booths
Measuring Rooms – Wind Noise Test Benches


To ensure smooth operation of your refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation system - especially in the hot summer months - we offer a comprehensive maintenance and service range, even for already-present systems and third-party makes.

We will also gladly assume the statutory obligations for operators of refrigeration, air conditioning and room-air-technical systems for you, such as keeping of the system logs, documentation and execution of maintenance according to VDMA and execution and logging of leak tests according to regulation (EU) no. 517/2014 for fluorinated greenhouse gases, maintenance and inspection of fire protection flaps, hygiene test according to VDI 6022, and execution of energetic inspections at refrigeration and air conditioning systems according to the EnEV (Energieeinspar-Verordnung; energy savings regulation).

We will gladly convert your system to one of the alternative refrigerants prescribed by law and will take care of energy optimisation and energy management of your present system(s).

If you take out a maintenance contract, our competent and reliable standby team will be available to you 24h per day on 365 days in the year.

Our employees receive regular comprehensive training and have the accordingly required technical certifications.